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Jumping for Joy... or John, or Jackie!

The swim, bike & run season has barely begun – yet the results & race reviews are rolling in!

This LOOP is dedicated to all of you who have crossed a finish line over the last few weeks…

A super shout for Sheddie Lisa Warner on completing the wild & windy Mojito Olympic triathlon and to non-stop-Emily Campbell on her success in the Dirty Tri!!

…to Sheddies Katie, Annabel & Philippa for whipping round the Buckingham Triathlon…and Philippa even swiped a podium position!!

…to fearless Sheddies Kathryn, Ian, Jo, Kevin, Jason, Nick & Mike who all shone round the gruelling Slateman Triathlon last weekend. By all accounts it was a superb event which they would all do again (??!!)…fancy joining them in 2015?

…to Matt, David & Rúna for a colossal display of strength, stubbornness & endurance in taking on the rough & rugged Ironman Lanzarote last Saturday. It was their first Ironman, for Rúna it was her first open water swim, furthest she’d ever cycled and her first marathon! The things you do for a decent rucksack!

…to Sheddies Claire Spendley & Emily Campbell for taking to the beautiful waters of Box End for their very first time! And to Rob Johnson for completing 2 entire laps of the large lake at Box End for the first time too…he’s gotta a race coming up…!

See what I mean, you’re all out there at-it! And that’s just those of you that I know about, bet there’s some pretty amazing accomplishments going on secretly just below my radar…ping me an email, shout all about it…it gets me jumping for joy all the time!

Right before I go…two things…yes, swimming is on later 8-9 pm at Wolverton.

Random thing I read about, if any of you girls need a little motivation to run a marathon in a beautiful place then look no further. As a finisher of the San Francisco Nike marathon you are presented with a Tiffany& Co necklace by a firefighter in a tuxedo!!! Whatever floats your boat…check it out, it’s true!

Love ya & leave ya…don’t forget to tell yourself…


Jane x

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