Where's your fire?

Inching our way out of October and into November next week…we enter the end of year count down! I happen to really love all the seasons and the changes that come with them. From the length of the days, the clothes we wear, the food we eat and the activities we do. It was literally only 2 months ago we were experiencing the hottest of summers and heading to the rivers and lakes enjoying skins swimming. Temperatures slashed by two thirds, first frosts and falling leaves, how many of us are gleefully immersed in some wild skins swimming now?! There are a growing army of you who are!

Reflection and contemplation take up rent free space in our heads towards the years end. Reflecting on what went well, what didn’t. What we aimed for and accomplished, and didn’t. And contemplating what we might like to shoot for in the year ahead. Checks and balances. Ifs, buts and maybes.

Inspiration engulfs us via social media, books, magazines and TV. It’s relatively easy to get inspired and that’s great. It moves us to commit, sign up, be hung by our tongue. But how do we stay inspired? It’s a flame that has to be fanned. A fire that cannot go out.

How do we stay close to that fire?

By adulthood, whether we are aware of it or not, we understand the power of association. I imagine your parents weren't dissimilar to ours - taking a keen interest in who we were hanging around with at school…?!

The right associations, friendships, can deliver more than just inspiration. Being connected with a great group of people can get you inspired and keep you inspired - through imparting belief, confidence, knowledge, motivation and emotional intelligence. Staying close to those who have done what you are looking to do is of incalculable value.

They are your FIRE

Cultivate those friendships. Invest time hanging out where they hang out. Prioritise time around them.

Believing in you is what we do. We are not short on belief in YOU. We keep spare bucketfuls of it round the back of The Swim Shed.

Belief and inspiration are fragile things. Which is why we are always very keen to expose you to a wider community that surrounds The Swim Shed. You may have no problem in believing that we could do something. That’s human nature, we compare our apparent shortfalls to someones perceived strengths. Generally we all excel in that. Which is why it’s important to us that we introduce you as quickly as possible to others that have done what you are looking to do or have overcome what you are working on overcoming.

We understand the value, importance and power of getting you around the FIRE.

Encouraging you along to the drop in swim, it’s not just about the coaching, knowledge, technique and feedback you receive from us…it’s the hidden value of that powerful association with likeminded people that are willing to listen, encourage and give you a hand up.

Recommending you join us for a dip around the depths of Stoney Cove is another opportunity to bring you into contact with some fabulous folk who have trod the path you are embarking on.

Maybe you have had a cracking year, maybe you haven’t. Maybe you can feel yourself cooling down. Inspiration, belief and motivation are drying up. Or maybe you are so far away from that fire you’re not sure where to find one.

Whatever you are reflecting on about your 2018 and whatever you are contemplating doing in your 2019, clear an hour or two between 2-5 pm on November 18th 2018 and come and get round the FIRE.

Join us up at The Swim Shed. We shall have some swim coaching in the pool if you wish to have a dip and some assessment. We will be showcasing The Swim Shed Kitchen which will go live in 2019 with a series of workshops aimed to help and support you nutritionally. And we can finally chat about sharing our first Shed Wild Swimming Adventure with you in 2019!

More importantly, it is our hope that it will present a real opportunity for us all to come together, catch up on this amazing year face to face and share some inspiration, belief and motivation over a drink and a nibble.

Whether you are a regular up at The Swim Shed or never been before and don’t swim…you are all welcome.

I think you should just go for it…Jane x

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