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A Lot Can Happen In A Year

A lot can happen in a year.

We love the final few days of December and being at the tipping point between two years. New Years Eve is all about The Jar for us. Throughout the year we scribble down, on scraps of paper, anything that has made our heart sing, random acts of kindness and positive things that have occurred, put a date on them and add them to The Jar. We’re good at remembering all the big stuff that takes place throughout the year…but the annual ritual of emptying those scraps of 2018 and taking turns to read one out to each other, we are reminded of all the tiny, heartwarming details that made up this year.

This adding to the jar is a positive daily practice that keep us glued to the good and the great happening in our lives.

New Years Eve and Day we reflect upon the intentions we'd set for ourselves for the year. Drink less coffee…hmmmm, as I sit here typing and sipping my third coffee of the day! We talk about what we’ve learned…don’t trust your placid Norfolk Terrier around sheep. And then jot down some new focusses for the year ahead.

The open afternoon at The Swim Shed, back in November, was a real autumnal highlight. Clear skies and sunshine, Nordic Glögg & gingerbread, swim demos and catching up with you all around the fire pit. Hearing first hand about your 2018 adventures, experiences and events was priceless. Plenty of magic happening!

We know, through our Ironman Training Programmes, that a huge bunch of you have already begun training for your 2019 events, with more of you ready and waiting to begin in the wings! BTW…congratulations Will Morris on completing your second Ironman this year - Ironman Argentina at the beginning of this month! Another one next year Will? See you Saturday.

Anyone would think you lot like swimming. Mega numbers of you already committed to The Outdoor Swimming Societies big 2019 swims. So brilliant.

Excited about new people to meet, help and welcome into The Swim Shed family next year as lots of Swim Check Vouchers were gifted over Christmas!

We really hope you’ve all had a cracking Christmas and sincerely want to thank you for all your love, support and understanding throughout 2018.

Hope to catch up with you at the Drop in Swim starting Friday 11th Jan 2019.

Happy New Year you gorgeous lot!

Jane x

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