Between us we having been eating for 110 years. Our passion for relaxed cooking and eating together has culminated in birthing The Swim Shed Kitchen.


We have sooo many thoughts on how we would like to see The Swim Shed Kitchen evolve…and we‘d really love YOU to be a central part of it.


And so what are our initial ideas? 


Many of you know that in April 2018 we got together with our yoga teacher friend, Fran, and put on a beautiful yoga and food retreat in an idyllic setting in North Norfolk. It was so much fun and a resounding success, it’s definitely something we will look to do more of!



Whether you are training for an endurance event, want to eat in a healthier - more balanced way, need help demystifying what to eat, how to plan, where to shop, how to cook…these are just a few areas where we want to support you.



Imagine Ted Talks meets Feastival. Well not exactly on that scale. It’s an idea we have mulled over for some time now. We gather together in the evening for some great food, either inside around the table at The Swim Shed Kitchen or in a field around a fire, or if we are lucky - by some open water! Each Night Talk we have a speaker who will share a topic they are passionate about for 17 minutes, after which we eat, ponder and discuss that subject. 

There will be more foodie ideas...ours and yours.


For now we will leave you with a little quote from one of our faves, Nigel Slater.


‘It’s impossible not to love someone who makes you toast’


Keith and Jane x