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Jersey Swim for Jane

Raising money for the Hope Against Cancer Trials Clinic

The challenge is on!  

In June 2022, an epic team of folks will be swimming the circumference of Jersey as a relay.

Myself, Jackie Brandon, Jo Wright, Rosie Foden & Chris Tretheway all have a personal connection with Jane, and are driven to honour her memory and raise some much needed cash for this ground-breaking clinic.

The gang will be battling all sorts of nightmare-inducing hazards along the way: tides, rolling seas and no doubt the odd jellyfish - and are in need of some generous support. 

If you know Jane, or have been inspired by her in any way, it would truly mean the world to us if you were able to make a donation, however big or small. 

Thank you everyone, we will do you proud!



Jane's Story

In December 2016, after 18 months of progressively more and more intensive chemotherapy, Jane was told there was nothing more that could be done to reverse her cancer and to prepare herself for the worst.


A few months later, Jane received a call from the lovely Lydianne Lock at the Hope Against Cancer Clinic asking if she would be interested in a trial. Jane felt completely heard, held and understood by Lydianne, and was made to feel at home from the moment she arrived at the clinic.


By January 2019, Jane was out the other side and was finally on her way to full health. In the February she went into hospital to have a routine tooth extraction, and sadly passed away from a Subdural Haematoma just hours before the surgery.


In late June this year, a team of 4 of her friends are going to take on an epic challenge and swim the circumference of Jersey in her memory and at the same time raise some cash for the cause most close to her heart.


She may not be able to personally be involved, but Jane's legacy lives on.

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