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Underground, overground blackberrying free...

Photo...Andrew Smith swimming his One Way Windermere last

weekend, supported by Sally-I've-just-qualified-for-the-Age-Group-

World-Championships-in-Mexico-Smith...his wife, paddling in The Pink


September and a little Indian Summer to enjoy! I am sitting lakeside at Stoney Cove watching Keith swim. Today is surely his reward for swimming non-wetsuit all year since last Summer...warm waters and a roasting air temperature.

Back in December, January & February we were scraping ice off the car to come here!

Hats off to all of you that have swam right through the Winter!

Having an Olympic Summer is always a treat, the 'piste de resistance' being the can you not fail to be moved and inspired? I am.

Closer to home, countless numbers of you have been performing your socks off all year...leaving me in awe and beaming with pride at your courage and achievements.

I won't list you all because I'm bound to miss someone!

I must, however, spotlight Susan Daley & Swim Station owner and coach Jai Evans who both succeeded in swimming the English channel this Summer...and at this time of writing Tom Rees & Nick Elliott are swimming their solo challenge across the Channel (it's worth mentioning that Nick was unable to swim front crawl in Nov 2015).

Making the decision to enter it and committing to years of preparation and practice in order to make the start. Handpicking and galvanising the right support crew...and then waiting and waiting for your window to swim, praying that the weather and the tides are kind to you.

An OUTSTANDING achievement!

So many stories of success - first time & multiple time triathlons & Ironman races. Big swims in Coniston, Windermere, the Dart 10K & Henley 14K. Age group World Champion Qualifiers & one way Windermere winners! Ultra distance running, adventure racing in the Scilly Isles and still to come the Scottish extreme swim-run...Loch Gu Loch.

...and a special nod to all of you savouring the secret delights and freedom out there WILD swimming!

As some lakes close towards the end of this month, many of us will retreat to the indoor pool over Autumn and Winter.

Two weeks this Friday sees the start of the Friday night DROP IN SWIM at Wolverton.

Starts FRIDAY 30th SEPTEMBER 2016 8pm for 10 weeks up to Christmas. Can't wait to see you all there!

Whilst I've been chopsing away to you Keith has finished his sun drenched swim.

Time to head home now, send this out to you and head out the door for my endurance event this year...foraging along the hedgerows and picking my body weight in blackberries!!

Jane x x

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