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LOOP: March 2018

So the days are staying lighter for longer and following this weekends clock-faffing, it’ll be even more evident. The trade off with heralding in British Summertime (whatever that really means), is that we will all be jet-lagged and young children and pets will be disorientated!

On the up side, lakes around the U.K. will start their open water swimming season in April…some of them, and you know who you are, never closed!

Over this long winter many of you have shared with us your swimming goals and plans for this year. Channel relay swims, marathon river swims, triathlons, Ironman and being able to swim a length, stay afloat and nab a bite of air! We are so proud and privileged to be a part of your journey and to help and support you any way we can.

Those competing in early Ironman events began training in December…cooped up turbo training in garages, garden sheds, kitchens and lounges! The anticipation to get out cycling on the open roads is palpable.

Watch out for the gaping Great British Potholes!

It was the last drop in swim on Friday. We will be returning on Friday 13th April for another 10 week term. There will however be no swim session on Friday 27th April.

Even with the added responsibility for checking swimmers in, Keith has been on fire again this term! With his trademark, sometimes unorthodox delivery, humour and élan!

Jo’s coaching support and contribution poolside have been invaluable.We know that those of you who have been working with Jo this term have really loved her guidance and input. It’s exciting to see how she is growing as a coach! Thank you SO much Jo.

Friday night swims would not be Friday night swims without a sweet treat afterwards. Historically this has been my forte, so knowing that I was going to be away for a wee while, I stocked up on shop boughts for Keith to take and share.

BUT, out of nowhere, 12 year old Grace Williams who comes to the Friday night swim with her dad, Mathew, picked up the cake mantle. Totally unprompted she started turning up each week with home baked goodies!

Not only does she swim like a fish - she bakes like a goddess!

I’m not finished yet. Grace couldn’t come to the last session this Friday as she was feeling under the weather and had a swimming gala on Saturday morning. SO, she sent a batch of shortbread Easter rabbits in with her wonderful dad. Unbelievable. Grace we are speechless, impressed and seriously, seriously humbled by your generosity. Thank you so much.

We are having to up the swim session price by £1 due to the centre putting their prices up. The GREAT news is you all have a couple of weeks to grab a 10 for the price of 9 swim card at the old price! Winner, winner.

If you head to all the info can be found here.

Before I go, some of you are aware that The Swim Shed has teamed up with Frances Newman Yoga to put on 2 restorative yoga retreats this year. We will be nestled in an idyllic part of north Norfolk, in a luxurious manor house, not far from the sea.

For those of you who are coming, Fran, with her inimitable style of gentle guidance, will be helping you to relax, refresh and restore.

Sustaining you throughout your retreat, Team Swim Shed will be whipping up plenty of seasonal, fresh, nutritionally balanced delicious breakfasts and meals!

At the time of writing we have just 1 place left for our end of April retreat. Please get in touch for more details if you are interested in this or the one in October this year. Yoga and meditation experience is not essential.

I promise I really am going, however Keith and I have just heard the fantastic news that our skins swimming buddy, Raf, has just become an Ice Miler!! This is an incredible achievement on its own…however Raf had heart surgery last year too!! Brilliant, just brilliant!

Cannot wait to see you all again soon.

Happy Easter.

Love Jane x

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