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Blenheim: A Taste Bud Has a Lifespan of Ten Days

…however, the same cannot be said about the life span of my growing enthusiasm for swimming!

It was only a month or so ago that I was doubting if I could ever fan a flicker of a flame into a burning desire to learn to swim. But, but, but the tide is turning.

A couple of weeks ago I announced to Keith over tea “I think I’ll get up & go swimming tomorrow at 6.30 a.m.”. Keith shot a strange look of disbelief back as if the Tango Man had slapped him round the face & run off! I have also given up Facebook for and novels for Triathlon 220!

With only 72 days left until the Blenheim Triathlon, fluffy stuff like making beds, vacuuming, ironing & gardening have been usurped by time in the pool & time out running.

My arms are getting twitchy waiting in the wings to be called upom to perform full stroke, however I am having oodles of fun (ha, ha, ha!) mastering active balance & remembering to use my core first when I ‘rotate & lengthen’! The cameras at The Swim Shed have betrayed my instinct to pull back with my arms underwater and my irksome elbows jutting out on autopilot! Unlearning & reprogramming is a lengthy process.

Keith & I went to ‘gym & swim’ at Whittlebury Hall last night. On finishing our gym ‘sesh’ we gave each other the nod & the wink to meet up in the pool. Having my gym to swim transition down to seconds, I was in the pool first, or so I thought. With no sightings of The Swim God in the pool, I decided to slip in a couple of cheeky full stroke arms! In a lightening flash I was accosted by the Elbow Police (a.k.a. Keith), who came blazing out of the poolside sauna where he had obviously been training hard!?

“Elbows Jane, elbows!” echoed from his direction as he waded into the pool towards me. Must have looked like a real emergency to the two spa guests bobbing around (in my way!) on floats!! All good fun eh?

So having completed the Reading Half Marathon last weekend it’s safe to say that I have my ‘running’ plate spinning, whilst simultaneously working on & tweeking my ‘swimming’ plate. The last piece of this triathlon jigsaw is to get my ‘cycling’ plate spinning (ha). Therefore, I shall do some bike homework this week (anyone got any advice??) and aim to be spinning those wheels throughout sunny April!

Love & thanks (for your comments)

Jane x

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