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Swimming, Silverstone & Speedo's!

Friday night is film night! Get your swimming glad rags on if you’re dropping in for a swim with us at Wolverton tonight. As promised, for those that want to – we shall be taking a video snapshot of your arm recovery to play back and analyse with you! It’s a chance for some of you to see yourselves swimming for the first time ever. So allow a little extra time in your swimming preps later for nail polish and lippy application!

If you live within sniffing distance of Brackley swimming pool, did you know that the Silverstone Swimming Club have exclusive use of it between 5-6 pm every Sunday? There is no joining fee, it’s £25 per quarter, per person (less than £2 per week) or £40 per quarter for families of 4 (less than £1 per week for a family). It’s a lovely pool for drill practice, swimming lengths or splashing around with your family. Get in touch with Sheddie friends Trevor on 07811 946022 or Stuart or Christine on 07770 637048.


Comedy and swimming legend, David Walliams, was in Waterstones recently for his book signing. In true Sheddie style Matt Roberts’ partner, Fiona, queued up with their son and a pair of Matt’s speedo’s to be signed!?! Apparently security thought it a little odd, but as you can see – David didn’t seem to bat an eyelid! Soooo, SHED…well done Fiona and Matt!

Ok, the sun is shining so I am going to dive out there for my first rain-free dog walk in weeks…then get my nails done and waterproof make-up on for tonights film sesh…

Don’t start building your arks just yet…and remember…


Love and smiles,

Jane x

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