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Sooo, it’s the final Friday in February and as we spring in to March this weekend – the rubber really does meet the road…

After a weeks break, we’re eager to get back down the pool at Wolverton tonight, 8-9 pm.

If you are at a loose end this weekend, then head on down to the Triathlon Show at Sandown Park. Sniff out Terry Laughlin, Head Coach and founder of Total Immersion Swimming. He’ll be hanging out in the Swim Zone on stand S14 along with a bunch of UK TI coaches. He will be there to meet swimmers, share opportunities for TI instruction and run a fun competition, with the prize being an Effortless Endurance Workshop.

Exhibiting alongside the TI stand will be our Sheddie friend, Michelle Muldoon (Chi Running Instructor), from . Totally recommend stopping by for a chat with her.

Next weekend, 8th + 9th March – Keith, Mike and myself will be helping out on the Total Immersion Swimming (UK) stand, up at Manchester’s Bike and Tri . Terry Laughlin will be there, sharing his knowledge and passion again.

Exhibiting alongside us that weekend is none other than Sir Chris Hoy and Dame Sarah Storey…uh huh, thigh pumping cycling royalty! Whoop. If you are free, pop on up for a proper dose of bike porn…sorry bike envy and heaps of swim and run inspiration too.

Cyprus based Sheddie, Mark Hutchinson, wrote to us with a fantastic book recommendation for us all. This is what he said…

Hi Jane,

If any Sheddies (especially those on the long Ironman rides) want to try something different have a look at “The Feed Zone Cookbook” and it’s follow-on “Feed Zone Portables”. They are written by the chefs who fed the US Tour de France cycling team and both are packed full of simple, nutritious and, most importantly, delicious recipes – definitely a book for real world people as well as hard core obsessives. I have now ditched energy bars and am enjoying rice cakes on the bike. Not to be confused with the dry diet snacks, these are made from sticky cooked rice and then cooled overnight in a tray and cut into bars. Typical mix-ins are bacon and eggs, but as bizarre as chocolate and peanuts. The second book also has an extensive chapter on the theory behind why their approach beats the carb bloating, and thoughts about hydration and energy drink. The books are not bargain basement price at Amazon, but compared to bike bits (or a box of energy bars) they are relatively cheap. I hope you enjoy your break. Went swimming in the sea both days this weekend – hot but windy so it was too wavy for my liking. Can’t have everything!!

Mark Hutchinson

Ok cokey, eyes down for a cracking month of March. Happy training this weekend and remember…


Jane x

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