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Shed Loads of Floss...

It’s been a privilege over the last few weeks to be up a ladder or on my hands and knees painting up at The Swim Shed. Yes, a privilege, because whilst performing this relentlessly mundane chore I am subliminally absorbing some priceless swim coaching. Crouching behind a door, I have enjoyed hacking into many of your amazing lessons! Secretly relating to your elation when something eventually clicks and it all falls into place…and then to your brow beating frustration when, yet again, even the simplest manoeuvres won’t come together for you!

Remember how far you have come, not just how far you have to go. You are not where you want to be, but neither are you where you used to be.

I was reminded of these wise words when I was flossing last night. Unravelling my 6 metres of tape (well that’s what Keith believes I have!), I momentarily acknowledged the ’25m’ printed on the pack. It made me reflect back to when I reluctantly (!) began my swimming journey in 2011 ( I’d entered my first triathlon at Blenheim), I remember looking at the pack of floss and thinking – jeeze I can’t even pull together 25m of swimming without looking like a salmon thrashing in a net…I can’t even swim as far as a pack of bloomin’ floss!!

Smiling to myself last night, I was quick to calculate that last year I swam 152 packs of floss out in Austria! Now, that’s not to pat me on the back – I say it as a nudge to all of us on a self development journey -take pride in how you’ve come, even if it’s just making the decision to improve and get in the pool, on your bike or to go for a short jog.

“You are an Ironman” super Sheddie Simon Biltcliffe! Last weekend Simon crossed the finish line in Ironman Mexico and heard those immortal words for the first time! Oooo…I feel all goose bumpy just saying it! Congratulations!

…and hats off to Sheddie Lisa Warner for completing a gruelling 5K swim for Sports Relief and to Sheddies Jo Green and Kevin Tarrier for their half marathon running success in Lutterworth!

Shed loads of luck go out to Ironman-to-be Nick Jones, who has flown out to South Africa this week to compete the Ironman this weekend!

Let me know what you are all up to ‘cos we just love to give you an energetic shout out! Sometimes I need a reminder too!

Ok, looking forward to seeing a bunch of you later at the drop in swim session at Wolverton 8-9 pm. Don’t forget Box End opens tomorrow for open water swimming…eeek!

…and remember...


Jane x

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