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Drop in Swim starts again this Friday 13th October!

Open water swimming at box end lake

Staggeringly, a quarter of the year has passed since the last Friday night drop in swim sesh in June.

We know, through seeing a bunch of you up at The Shed, and interacting with many of you on social media, that you’ve been out and about notching up some great successes and experiences this summer. As the remnants of late summer fade into autumn we sense that ‘enteritis' has begun! Plotting, planning and committing to 2018 and 2019 events and beyond is in full flow and as always we are thrilled to hear what you’re lining up.

Open water swimming at Box End Lake

The legendary drop in swim starts up again this Friday 13th for ten sessions ending Friday 15th December…and we’ve just made it easier for you to come a long.

With a slightly tweaked format, it will be full to the brim with hot tips and techniques and time to practice together.

We are extremely fortunate to have swimming coach, Jo Wright, joining the coaching team and contributing throughout this term. Her knowledge and experience will be invaluable.

To smooth the way forward and bag a bargain, you can now purchase (via our website or on a Friday night) a 10 swimming session card for the price of 9. Yep. Once purchased, we will stamp your session card each time you drop in for a swim. No more scrabbling around under the car seat or behind the sofa for £8 cash. There’s no expiry date on it, just the flexibility to use it when you want to. The super savvy amongst you might buy half a dozen of them to lock in the price?!

You can buy them as a present, suggest them as a gift for you (mwahaha!) or bring along a friend on your card. That said, if you get a thrill from panic raiding you kids money box on a Friday, we will still happily accept your reddies on the night!

A truly excellent way of committing to improving your swimming and spending a wintery Friday night!

Can’t wait to see you all,

Jane x

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