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Motivation... Get close to the fire!

So here we are, the last day of the first month of 2014. That went surprisingly quick, didn’t it? How are you feeling? How are your enthusiasm levels? We’ve all set some goals for the year, is your motivation thermostat still set at ‘high’ or has it reached a certain temperature and ‘clicked’ off?!

Motivation – which are you? Internally driven or externally pushed? Pulled by your dreams or pushed by your circumstances? Maybe a bit of both?

Do you need a dose of inspiration to re-stoke your motivation?! You can never overdose on those two.

I am going to brag a bit now, so either scroll to the inspirationally witty quote at the end, hit delete or suck it up…!

Here at the centre of the swimming Universe, a.k.a The Swim Shed, we feast on inspiration everyday. From the day we took the plunge (!!) and opened our doors, four years ago, we have been blessed to be constantly inspired and motivated on a daily basis…by YOU the big old Shed family. We are continually amazed, speechless and spellbound by your gutsiness and human spirit.

A long while ago now, it was explained to us, that if you’re looking to achieve something in life – get around those who’ve already done it. Get close to ‘the fire’.

That has always stayed with us and we have known that if we ever feel our motivation waning or fading, it’s because we’ve slipped away from the fire.

A day in a month of The Swim Shed…

We have had a pre-union (not reunion) with 2 Sheddies on the verge of competing in their first Ironman (I.M. South Africa, April 6th)…had the pleasure of working with the right royal Robert Jarvis, embarking on his first ever epic ‘out and back’ channel swim this summer and talked tactics with the amazingly energetic couple that are David and Runa…off out to endure the volcanic heat and island side winds of Ironman Lanzarote in May (their first I.M.)…just one day at The Swim Shed this week.

The drop in swim session at Wolverton tonight is another highlight of our ‘working’ week…it’s a chance to get around and up close to ‘the fire’. Swimming together and all of us sharing our belief and excitement. It’s a wonderful chance to ‘get-in-to-what-you-are-in’!

So, with a fresh 28 days of February before us…crank up your thermostat and get around and up close to the ‘fire’.

Have a wet and wild weekend and remember…


Jane x

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