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Unstoppable you...


How are you all fairing half way through this amazing year? It literally has been slow to warm up, but now it feels like we are going full throttle!!

Many of you have been competing in events since the year began, whilst for others - the rubber is just about to meet the road!

Poised in the peak of the Irondistance / Ironman race calendar, for some it's now time to see if your 7 months-ish of training is going to pay off. Last weekend alone the Lewis household were avidly live-tracking Nick Pauley and Julia Buxton out in Ironman Nice, Neil Key and Jason Martindale out in Ironman Austria and Sarah Crisp in Ironman Coeur D'Alene. What an incredible Sunday of hitting the refresh button! And how bizarre that you can get up in the morning, knowing they've all started long before...have breakfast, lunch and dinner...mowed the lawn, shopped, trained, spent time with famiy and friends, only to sit down in the evening...log on and they are STILL out there on the course competing! Wow, just wow. Respect that day. And respect the organisation, training, sacrifice and overcoming that has gone in to just arriving on the start line. Respect the family support of husbands / wives / partners / children who are all a HUGE part of the training lead up and the event itself. I love all the family 'teams' that are so much a part of all this.

Congratulations to everyone who has competed in anything at all in the first part of 2015!

There's more...over July and August there are a further 39 Sheddies competing in an Ironman! Ironman Zurich (25 going there!), Ironman UK (5 going there!), Challenge Roth (3 going there!), The Outlaw ( 4 going there!) and The Cotswold Long Distance (2 going there!)...phewee!

And then there are all the open water swims that are rolling out this summer - you lot are unstoppable!

In case you were unsure, one of Keith's passions is swimming...and this year he has challenged himself to swim Lake Windermere without a wetsuit...that's 10.5 miles! He decided to swim it in support of an absolutely fantastic and life changing charity that provides access to clean, safe water to improve health for entire communities in India.

His Jubilee 10 km non-wetsuit swim in June was a taster of what to expect, although Windermere in September is going to be considerably chillier and a great deal further. Our wonderful friend, fellow Ironman and all round endurance-athlete-extraordinaire - John O'Reilly - will be supporting / feeding Keith along the way in his kayak. Thanks John!

If you have a spare few minutes, head over to Frank Water and check out the seriously inspiring and noble projects they have going on, and whilst you're at it, we'd be eternally grateful if you could make a donation through Keith's JustGiving page, too.

Thank you and huge thanks to all of you who have already stumped up literally 50% of the target!!

Last drop in swim at Wolverton tonight. We have had just theeeee best 12 weeks of swim coaching, thank you Keith and thank YOU for all being a part of those fun Friday nights! There will be a Cap & Crunchie winner tonight and also a gift voucher for an hours 1-1 swim coaching up at The Swim Shed.

We will resume those drop in sessions in the autumn...I'll give you a heads-up nearer the time!

Have the most amazing summer, please stay in touch :o)

...and remember

Jane x

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