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Summer Adventure

So summer is here (yay, I've had my first Pimms already) and next weekend we have the longest day of the year. Many of you are probably sat in traffic or at office desks thinking 'nope, this is the longest day everrrrr'?! Or for those of you competing in a long course triathlon throughout June, July August...that will certainly feel like your longest day!

Heaps of sporting events taking place this summer - it's a challenge keeping track with you all. Close to home...last weekend provided the perfect conditions for a huge bunch of you swimming the Jubilee 10k Swim at Eton. A stunningly brilliant event organised on a very simple level. Big respect to everyone for staying in the water that long (!) especially the non wetsuiters!!!!

Irongirl Sheddie, Rùna, is selling a wetsuit. She has a 2XU Velocity V:3 size small for £200 (she is open to suggestions £££...). It's in excellent condition, only swam in around 10 ish times, there's even the white cotton gloves that go with it! You can contact her at

Over the spring months we created a space up at The Swim Shed where you can pick up the hard goods you need for your next swim or open water swimming adventure. Now stocking & fitting the legendary, award winning HUUB (hoob) wetsuits, goggles from the industry leader - AquaSphere, Finis Tempo Trainers, anti-fog goggle spray, anti-bac towels, wetsuit repair Black Witch and gift vouchers.

Swing by, stay a while...we like to think it's a place for ideas & stories to be shared, for the next adventure to be planned...for great coffee to be drank!

Friday nights at Wolverton are always buzzing! New faces, old faces, swimming breakthroughs & firsts! The knowledge continues tonight 8-9pm. Our last session before we break for summer recess (!) will be on Friday 3rd July...only 3 weeks to go!

Have a great weekend, good luck to all doing the Blenheim Triathlon & the Staffordshire 70.3 and remember...

...a good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything!

Jane x

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